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Any advice and guidance to make your immigration and life easier in Turkey, Dubai and Northern Cyprus with the help of our well-known legal experts and lawyers (familiar with English, Turkish, Azeri and Farsi languages), whether buying, selling or Renting a property, receiving accommodation of any kind according to your conditions, counseling for your children's education, introduction and registration in the best bilingual or trilingual schools are some of the other services of our company.
Since we believe that the best decisions in life can be made based on full knowledge, we draw your attention to the following points:
Obtaining a Turkish passport is possible when you have a permanent residence, while obtaining a permanent residence is not an easy task.
A tourist stay of 30 years, even if it is extended, will not lead to receiving a permanent residence and then receiving a passport.
With a tourist residence, you can only live in this country and send your children to school, but you will not be allowed to work.
Ways to obtain Turkish residence
Residence through investment: To receive this type of residence, you first purchase a property in Turkey and after registering the document in your name, you apply for residence. The working process of this type of residence, similar to tourist residence, can be extended every year for five years (if your property is not sold) and after five years you can apply for a Turkish passport.
Academic residence: If you want to continue studying in Turkey or even teach Turkish language in reputable institutions such as Tomer, you can apply for an academic residence. As long as you are studying according to the documents, you are eligible to receive this type of residence and you can renew it every year.
Work residence: obtaining this type of residence can be done in two ways
Residence through employment in a company with a Turkish employer that requires your field of study or expertise. In this case, the host company will issue a work and residence permit for you.
Residency by registering a company and creating a business, in this way you will receive a one-year temporary residence after registering the company in Turkey, and if the company has been active for five years (with at least five Turkish employees and regular payment of their insurance premiums) You can apply for permanent residence after five years.

Legal Advice

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