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Babil Investment Company, having an experienced staff and experienced personnel, officially started its activities in the field of real estate sales in Istanbul, Turkey in 2019, and now actively has branches in Dubai. Northern Cyprus and Bodrum.
With the passage of time, we in this company have increased our activity day by day and were able to experience significant progress in a short period of time by providing professional and unique services, so that today we have a resume of more than 85 cases. Successful sales in the field of real estate sales, obtaining more than 100 residences and citizenships, as well as more than 130 successful customer satisfaction cases with a team of 15 people with experience and know-how.
Among our unique services, we can mention having experienced legal advisors and lawyers in Persian, English and Turkish languages to provide favorable working conditions, a calm and ideal environment for you and your family, to provide free advice and the best services. And also to provide services before, during and before the sale in the process of buying and selling property, we have professional and experienced experts fluent in Farsi, Azeri, Turkish and English languages who are always with our dear customers.
With all the experience we have gained over the years, we first give expert advice for each customer's request, then we plan for it, then we implement it precisely, and finally we support with full responsibility.
Babil Investment Company is the key to your dreams....


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Babil Investment
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